Sunday, November 22, 2015

Exterior paint progress's been a while since I have last written anything. That doesn't mean that nothing has happened since July. It's actually the opposite! After I posted our infertility journey of 4 years (here) back in May, Drew and I have found out we are pregnant! I have a TON to post such as our gender reveal party when we found out it is a little girl! Ada Morgan Donaldson will be here April 28(ish), 2016. We are so excited and overwhelmed! Needless to say, that means I have to get the renovation in gear and finished.

Finally, I bit the bullet and hired a painter. Ya'll all know how much I hate to spend money on things that I feel like I can do. Well, now that has ALL changed when you find out you are pregnant and on a tight timeline.

Since it has been a while, I will refresh your memory with the before picture of our house when we purchased it back in 2013.



Here is the next phase where we added the front porch and side entry with a porch:

See those progress posts here and here

We have been at a standstill on the exterior for about 6 months...yikes!! The inside has also suffered a delay, but we are rapidly making finishing touches. Those updates will be posted soon. So basically, the exterior hasn't changed much until now. I hired a painter based off of a referral and he is perfection!! He has exceeded my expectations and done so in a quick time frame. So if you are in the South Alabama area, call Ed with Edison Painting!

We he painted the outside with a coat of Sherwin Williams Duration exterior paint with a satin finish. The color is a custom blend that I found from The Space Between. Here is the color blend: Exterior Superior Performance Ultra White 6404-13761 ColorCode BAC colorant OZ 32 64 128 B-1 Black - 43 R-2 maroon - 02 - 1 Y3 Deep gold - 30 - - W1 white 2 - - - R4 New red - - - 1 1 gal, ultra white A89W 01151. The closest paint chip is Wood Smoke by Glidden. 

The painter first pressure washed the house with a turbo tip commercial power washer. He successfully managed to blow off almost all of the old (lead) chipping paint. Also, while doing so, he blew off pieces of the asbestos siding that was previously cracked and blew a hole in the vinyl soffit. All of that is to be expected, and he repaired all of the damages. Even damages he didn't cause. Like I said, PERFECTION! 

(you can see the holes in the vinyl soffit above)

This is about the closest we will get to snow in South Alabama haha!

After he pressure washed and made the necessary repairs, he caulked all of the new siding, windows, trim and repairs. Then, he primed the areas that were bare siding. Lastly, he painted the body of the house with a sprayer. He told me it would only take 8-10 gallons of paint to do the entire house. 

Drake is proudly posing in the front :)

Finally, he is putting on the mascara (aka, painting the trim). And boy does it make a difference!! See below:

He looks almost finished, and just in time for Christmas decorating!! I can't wait! I asked him not to install the old vinyl shutters because I am going to get some wooden craftsman style shutters to complete the look. 

Stayed tuned for an overload of more progress pics soon (& baby Ada news)! 


  1. I have a house with asbestos siding. Is there danger in having it. Did you replace yours with vinyl siding. I hate that I cannot drill or cut into it for installing an outside plug. Help!

    1. Hi Terri! No, we didn't replace the siding. Only the end of the house where we installed a door got new Hardie Board siding. There is some danger with asbestos for sure, but the danger is airborne particles from broken tiles. Keeping the area you are working with soaked with a hose is the safest way to keep particles from getting into the air. Asbestos is safe intact. Of course, I am not a professional and cannot advise you on how to work with asbestos, but only tell you what we did. Thank you for visiting my blog!