Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vintage-chic baby shower

I love party planning and anything else that I can put my hoarded goodies to use! I jumped on the opportunity to help with my sister-in-law's baby shower. My mother-in-law was a trooper and didn't mind when we had to rearrange her furniture just for my crazy decor ideas! 
 Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE frugality?! I seriously hoard and try to DIY e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. My husband goes bananas, but has accepted my crazy antics over the years. The majority of the decor I had stashed in random places throughout the house. 

It all started with these cute invitations I ordered from "Rachelle's Printables" on Etsy. She sent the proofs the following day and was a pleasure to work with. Talk about a quick turnaround?! She has a lot of great "printables" to choose from! I printed all of the pdf's from Office Depot and bought 5x7 white envelopes from Office Depot to mail the invitations. (Click on the photos to be directed to that printable in the Etsy store).

Shower games:


I spray painted small clothespins with baby pink and gold glitter spray paint. 


Gift for the shower games : 
Both winners won a "baby bottle" with Essie  nail polish (pink color of course), base coat, top coat, and manicure tools. 

(This idea was inspired by CatchMyParty)

I bought "Ball" quart size mason jars with regular mouth openings. I removed the seal and pulled a wide neck nipple (Well Beginnings Fast Flow Wide Neck Silicone Nipples from Walgreen's) through the ring and screwed on. 

For decor we used mason jars, pale pink roses and baby's breath.

A cradle was used to hold gifts with a chalkboard sign on front. I wrote "gifts" with a chalk marker (from Hobby Lobby). The chalkboard came from Kirkland's.

I made the banner (tutorial here) to hang on this old window I found in my barn. I'm almost positive none of the shower guests developed lead poisoning from the old paint on this window (ha! only kidding). I tried my best to knock off the flaking paint so it didn't become a "topping" on the petit fours. I had to re-caulk many of the panes to keep them from falling out as most of the old caulk has crumbled away. Lead poisoning aside, I think it turned out perfectly "vintage chic."

The napkins were ordered from Tiny Prints (style is Printed Roses). I thought they would be white (as pictured) but they were pink with darker pink writing (you can see them on the table). I think they ended up being cute nonetheless.

Thanks to my mom, we had beautiful pink depression glass and milk glass to display all of our treats! Yes, I got a "talkin to" about how careful I better be with her heirlooms. I was as nervous as a junebug in a henhouse that I would break something. Thankfully, all pieces were returned in the condition in which I received them. Whew...

The log slices were purchased at Hobby Lobby. The chalkboard one was painted with Rustoleum's Chalkboard Paint® and written on with a chalk marker with a sweet and powerful Bible verse. 

I used antique boxes to create height to our display.

 The cake stand was purchased at Hobby Lobby. A friend of mine gave me the chandelier crystals that I thought would be a nice touch to the cake stand. The "T", "K", and "M" gold letters are also from Hobby Lobby. 

Our menu:
petit fours (Rolen's Bakery in Dothan)
white chocolate (with pink food coloring) dipped pretzel sticks with edible gold glitter and sprinkles
grape salad (made by Mom)
pink chocolate drizzled Oreo balls

Since we are on the subject of Oreo balls... Can I just say that I had this cute idea for pink chocolate covered Oreo's on a stick? Like so:

HA! This was what we call a Pinterest FAIL. I carefully separated the cookies, laid the stick, closed the cookies, and they every one I tried! My mother-in-law and I had a brainstorm and decided to do pink chocolate dipped Oreo balls on a stick. I crushed the Oreos and tried to make a ball thinking the Oreo icing would be enough to make them stick. It didn't. My mother-in-law had half a block of cream cheese that we mixed in to give it some stickiness. We made balls and tried dipping into the melted chocolate. The stick pulled out and the ball fell again! So that is what led us to our final product: stickless, Oreo Balls with pink chocolate drizzle and gold glitter sprinkles. I must say, they were quite delicious and were very complimented. If only they knew how it all began!! But shhh, they never have to know ;)

 I got my paper straws from Pop Up Parties Shop on Etsy. 

 We served pink lemonade rather than punch in mason jars. 

We had fun hosting this shower, and I hope you took away some ideas for your next "vintage chic" party!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Vintage-Chic" banner

For my sister-in-law's baby shower, we went with a vintage chic theme. I have made several banners in the past, but I wanted one with a lot of dimension and texture. 

Supplies you will need:

  • twine (or any string to hang banner with)
  • scrapbook paper (I used pink and burlap paper. For 10 pennants, I used 5 sheets of each paper).
  • hot glue gun
  • spray adhesive
  • glitter
  • glue dots or double-sided tape
  • box blade
  • hole punch

First, I had 9 pennants that I purchased...but I needed 10. Rather than buying another entire pack, I traced the pennant onto a piece of cardboard/chipboard that I already had and cut out with a box blade. I punched holes by using the same template. 

I found the easiest way to get the scrapbook paper onto the pennant was by using glue dots on the pennant and sticking it to the scrapbook paper (two pennants per page). Then, I cut alongside the pennant (raw side up) with my box blade. No tracing or scissor cutting needed! Do the same to punch holes. 

To get the layered, textured effect I used burlap scrapbook paper. I cut them in strips of 1 1/2" then folded like an accordion. 

I needed two strips to make a complete circle. (To find out how big the circle, lay your die cut inside before you cut the strips). I hot glued the two strips together to form a circle. Be sure to glue the "pleats" so it looks seamless.

Now, flip the circle to make it lay flat and start hot gluing. I didn't glue around every pleat, but enough to make it stay.

Next, take your doily and hot glue on top of your pleated circle. Can I take a second and say how amazing hot glue is?! I mean, there is no downtime in my projects because it dries almost instantly, and I can keep working (otherwise I get A.D.D. and sidetracked waiting on glue to dry) :)

I don't have a picture to show glittering the letters, but I sprayed them with spray adhesive and glittered...pretty easy!! Make sure there are no "bald" spots. If there are, spray that area and glitter again.

**Be aware that the pack of letters listed in this post contain one of each letter...I needed two "t"s. I traced the "t" onto the same cardboard/chipboard that I made the extra pennant from and cut with scissors.**

Now take your glittered letter (after the glitter/adhesive have had time to dry) and hot glue to the doily.

Lastly, thread your twine or string through your letters and hang. VOILA!! Instant decor for your party or event.