Thursday, January 29, 2015


I LOVE doing chalkboards. My secret is finding fonts I like on the computer and free-handing or using my projector to transfer the fonts.

This is drawn with chalk markers on a chalkboard.
(markers and chalkboard found at Hobby Lobby. I glued a bow to dress it up)

These are drawn on black foam board and painted with chalk pens.

Chalk markers on a chalkboard:

The "Smile from Ear to Ear" is white chalk (real chalk) drawn on a chalkboard.

*HINT: If you allow the chalk markers to sit on the chalkboard for an extended period of time, a "shadow" of your writing will still be evident even after you erase the marker. What I did on the "Smile from Ear to Ear" chalkboard was repaint with "Rust-Oleum's Chalkboard paint."

You can buy it at Lowe's, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, etc. This was the same chalkboard used for Colt's first birthday. We could still see his "facts" from last year, so I repainted and drew over it with a new design.

The log slice was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I painted it with Rustoleum's Chalkboard Paint® (above) and wrote a sweet and powerful Bible verse with a chalk marker. 

Chalkboards are a great way to explore your creativity! You basically can't mess up! It's easy to erase and start over as many times as you need to.

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